Software Development

In this area, SPIN provides the following services:
– Software systems development
– E-commerce solutions
– Data analysis
– Artificial intelligence solutions
– Development of SW demonstrators and prototypes
– Applications for tourism and cultural heritage
– Digital transition assistance
– development of systems for tourism promotion
– Mobile application design and development.

SPIN specialists analyze clients’ needs and design tailored solutions, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. The analysis is also aimed at identifying areas for improvement and developing customized solutions to increase productivity and business efficiency. The offering also covers IT project planning and management by identifying critical issues and corrective measures.

Innovation and technology transfer

In this area SPIN carries out the following main activities:

  • Support for the development of innovation projects
  • Technological assistance for innovation
  • Consulting for the development of research and development projects
  • Assistance for the management of innovation
  • Support for the adoption of technologies and innovations
  • Research for funding opportunities
  • Digital Marketing

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network is the largest European network helping SMEs to grow, innovate and internationalize. The main services offered by the network are:

  • Growth and development in foreign markets
  • Innovation support
  • Search for foreign partners
  • Access to financing

Learn more by accessing the project website

Specialist Consulting Services

In this area SPIN provides the following main services:

  • Technical management support and project reporting;
  • IT consulting for institutions and companies;
  • Services for direct marketing and web marketing;
  • Consulting for drafting research and development projects;
  • Consulting for the drafting of innovation projects;
  • Support for the development of management control systems;
  • Services for research and development;
  • Development of research demonstrators;
  • Prototype development;
  • Services for human resources training.

Enterprise Support

SPIN provides assistance to enterprises in the development of their innovation processes:

  • Needs analysis;
  • Support for innovation management;
  • Research of calls and opportunities for the activation of innovation processes and projects;
  • Support for the submission and management of research, development and innovation projects;
  • Promotion and exploitation of research results.