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SPIN – Ricerca Innovazione e Trasferimento Tecnologico S.r.l.

is a service company for information technology and innovation. Founded in 1996 on the initiative of a group of specialists from a research and applications center of information technology. SPIN’s business strategy is based on creativity, and includes among its priorities the management of innovation. SPIN seeks competitive solutions using frontier technologies by working in collaboration with its customers.

SPIN is in constant pursuit of continuous improvement of its processes with a constant focus on innovation in its business model to respond more effectively to market demands.

Considerable attention is paid to sustainability and digitization. Digitization is, a fundamental process for the success of companies in all sectors. In this area, SPIN’s commitment is to provide innovative IT solutions that help companies digitize effectively and sustainably from both economic and environmental and social perspectives. SPIN also works in digital transformation by simplifying complex processes.

SPIN has a focus on sustainability issues in the knowledge that technology can have a significant impact on the environment, which is why there is a commitment to minimize the environmental impacts of its activities and to promote the adoption of green technologies and solutions that help companies become more sustainable.

SPIN, since 2008, has been a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest network supporting SMEs, which was created to support companies in developing their economic and innovative potential in an international dimension. The network offers advanced and free services to support competitiveness, research, innovation and internationalization, access to European funding for small and medium-sized enterprises and research centers

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